What I Do

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So what do I do…

Basically, I shoot pictures. Sounds pretty simple but since photography is not an exact science, there are no limits. Shooting pictures can take place everywhere, might it be alone, taking out a group, guiding tourists, giving trainings…

Moi caméra

The great adavantage with photography is that it is not linked to weather, location, people and even money. It has become quite affordable, so all you need is a camera and out you go.

I like strolling around in Paris and watch for the picture of the day. Can take some time, often you get home with almost nothing in your cam but at least you tried. I often take groups out to do some Lightpainting or a photo trip on a pre-arranged itinerary. I even give courses for those who do not manage the basics of photography, helping them to understand the light, contrast, framing, aperture, focal length etc. Everyone can take pictures but if you manage to acquire some good reflexes, you’ll do good pictures. I’ve also been doing some portrait sessions in recent years, an exercise I tend to appreciate a lot.

It happens that I take also tourists through Paris on guided tours, taking them by foot to the right sightseeing spots while not taking the most obvious ways to get there. Showing the other, hidden parts of Paris to the great pleasure of the group discovering the city. Anyway, I’m always ready to go out, camera in hand and to catch past & present.

Got a camera and an eye ? Ping me, we should go out sometimes.