Vietnam is a fantastic country. If you manage to stay away from raw food and tap water, you’ll enjoy every place you go. The North is really different from the South and you can feel it when you cross the border. In the south the propaganda really nerves people and they simply ignore it. In the north everything is more quiet and it’s still the heart of the communist party. The french colonial past is also more visible in the north with lots of buildings & structures. They really built this country and the train that goes from north to south is also dating back to the french colonialists.

You’ve to stay on the coast to avoid any risk to catch malaria but there’s plenty to see. One spot was really impressive but visiting seems to be complicated : a town on the way to the Halong Bay. That place must be next to coal extraction sites – in the open – as everything in the streets is black. Never seen such a place in my life. Must be a higher level of pulmonary disease in that area for sure…

Don’t miss out Vietnam on your travel to do list, it’s changing year over year and you better get there now.