What to say about the USA ? It’s such a big country, so many places to go, you can spend a lifetime there and not yet having seen everything. It’s also full of contradictions, has some stupid laws, nasty food and unlawful businesses like Monsanto, Union Carbide, but this is not the point here.

I love the US for the Nature it has to offer, the immense places you can go, being miles away from civilization while still driving around in the world’s first economic power. What a contrast. It’s a young country but some place look old. When you get aware that nothing built here can actually be older than 1642 – and you’ve got to be in Boston for that – it appears clearly that the rules and background will never be the same here than in Europe.

It’s definitely a country with a different way of thinking and where people envision their existence by different standards that on the continent. Keep this in mind all times, it helps getting along 🙂