Tuzla & Srebrenica

Srebrenica is one of the darkest spots in Bosnia and former Yugoslavia. Here were killed more than 8000 men by the troops of Gl. Mladic who’s now finally imprisoned. I was at school when this happened but I always remembered it. The place is kind of insignificant, it’s just a very small town with impacts on every house but it appears clearly that it hasn’t really recovered from the ’92 war & events. There are still traces of the UN presence – the only time the UN has failed it’s mission and let people been taken away to their death.

Tuzla is the big bosnian city to the north with a large power plant and only 1 hotel in the entire city. It’s still not ready for tourism but the people there are busy to renovate what’s left from the Austrian period. There’s a nice city center, all pedestrian with among other the Kapija place where in the last days of the war, 80 people were killed on the terraces surrounding it with one single mortar shell.

This region is full of scars and it will take decades to make them slowly disappear.