Thailand, probably the most westernized asian country in which the industry of tourism primes over every other. I’d actually consider it as some sort of Disneyland of Southeast asia. Everyone is welcoming, people are very kind but the thing is that everything is for sales, people included and Thailand cannot be compared to Myanmar and the incredible sensations you’d find over there.

Indeed it’s a very safe destination and I understand that many people choose this country to spend a relatively cheap holiday. I made the choice to explore the north instead of the overcrowded south and to pass from there into Laos. Starting with sticky Bangkok I went up to Chiang Mai and then Chiang Rai, two smaller cities compared to the capital.

Bangkok is overcrowded, construction is nonsense and the streets permanently filled with cars. Only along the river the air gets fresher and the traffic less busy. Taking public transportation is very practical but the network does not cover huge parts of the city and you might end up using also the boats going along the klongs.

Chiang Mai is interesting as the air is way fresher there, life’s quieter and the city is surrounded by water. A few temples to see there as well as a spot to the south where there was not a single tourist. Chiang Rai indeed is close to the burmese border and has also chinese influence. It was the occasion to drive around on a bike and to visit a former kuomintang village where there was a tea festival. Before crossing into Laos, the lanterns sent into the air on new year’s eve were a nice moment.

If you’re more into a quiet and comfy traveling concept, do not know Asia, try Thailand. Otherwise go for other countries in the area starting with Myanmar.

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Chiang Hong

Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai