South Korea

After leaving North Korea I had only one idea : seeing the south side of the DMZ. With only 4 days left, I focused on Seoul which would surely give me an overview of the free korean side.

On arrival I went to see Inchon, the spot from where freedom arrived in 1953 and went on with the DMZ. I met up with a korean friend who then showed me other places like Bucheon village, the palaces as well as some remarkable shopping areas where you could buy parts down to a single screw.

Korea is a very safe and clean country. Probably the safest I’ve ever been to. And you’ve got Wifi everywhere. Food is surprisingly cheap while hotels are awfully expensive. It’s a country full of contrasts, squeezed between asian traditions (family, no showing of feelings in public), a business over everything mentality that stems from the post war reconstruction area and the expression by all means of a frustrated younger generation that doesn’t want to enter also the competition for a good job, wife & kids in a clean and seamless modern korean society. Very similar to Japan even if both nations hate each other (but who doesn’t hate japanese in Asia ?).

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable time over there and should return there to see more on a future trip. Maybe when I go to see the DPRK again 🙂


Seoul Fishmarket


DMZ Southside

Seoul Downtown


Enjoy the pics