Slums of Delhi

Slums of Delhi


Arriving in Delhi we had a strong experience on our first full day.  We linked up with Laxmi, a lady living in one of the most central Slums of Delhi. She works with an NGO that tries to help people living in here. Run by Shiva, a charismatic, soft spoken and devoted guy this organisation provides safe discovery and understanding of the slums.

We walked for 2 hours across this slum that cramps 30.000 people into 5 acres and who speak 13 different languages. No running water, almost no power, no toilets or sewers, no access to education, these people live in permanent hardship. It makes you think about what is really important in live and your little issues are nothing compared to what these guys have to cope with.

Striking are the countless children everywhere. And noone is crying or looking sadly even if there are reasons to do so. The walkways are dirty, it’s not easy to stay clean when crossing stinky areas but this is what this place is. The government doesn’t seem to care much and these people are miserably on their own with no help to expect. Slums are a concept that is now unthinkable in Europe – at least not in the way you see it here. But the situation here does not seem close to any improvement.

If you like to help, you can contact Shiva directly and check what’s most needed (pens, books, etc.) :

A marking experience.