Saving a cow

While driving through a remote area, I spotted a cow on the roadside that seem somewhat stuck. As I approached it, it appeared to me that the cow’s feet went through a dry layer of mud into the humid mud below and that the succion effect combined with the small footprint of the cow’s hoofs would leave her stuck there to her death.

I first tried to put some branches wherever she would put a foot but she got exhausted after a while and only when people stopped by with a truck and a wire, we managed to get here slowly out of that mud trap. Took us something like 3 hours in total but I left with the feeling that we did a good job and didn’t let that poor animal die there. The owner showed up at the end and thanked us. He said he’d have had to put a bullet in the cow’s head without our help. Phew…that would have been hard to swallow, honestly.