Myanmar or former Burma is a stunning country. Not only by its magnificent sites to visit but also by the burmese people themselves.

Kindness, openness, smiles everywhere, they’re not yet polluted by our society of consumerism and you can sense genuine opinions and feelings in every conversation. Never to forget is that Myanmar in 2015 is still a military dictature and they’re really holding the country in an iron fist. Elections are programmed this year but who knows what will happen.

Sites to see are amazing, just that. But the country is very long, roads are ok but there are no quick transportation infrastructures so the easiest way to get around is still the plane. Some areas are closed and you can’t get there, but there are already many spots to visit that will keep you busy 2-3 weeks easy.

One of the most remote spots was Mrauk U and that one really stunned me as it was definitely aside most travelers’ itinerary. Much more authentic (untouched) than Bagan, we were only a handful tourists up there and it was an amazing experience.

Other sites start to get crowdy like Bagan, Lake Inle, Mawlamyine but it’s still ok to go there. Yangon is also an incredible city with its street markets and colonial style.

Anyway, Myanmar is worth one tour or more as there is so much to see. Go there before modern society takes over !


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On the way to Mrauk U

Mrauk U

Sunrise on Schwe Dau

North of Mrauk U

Leaving Mrauk U


Oger Island

Hpa An

Lake Inle – Nyaung Schwe

Lake Inle