Montenegro & Albania

Montenegro & Albania are the examples of countries where you don’t really wanna spend your holidays. Montenegro is mostlyu unwelcoming and very expensive while Albania is just unsafe and still 50 years late regarding development. Sounds rather harsh but if you don’t believe me, book a trip there and check things out.

Albania, well…you don’t want to go there for any reason. It’s really dirty, people throw everything along the roads – roads that are in catastrophic conditions – there are no signs, people are staring at you wherever you go, nope I’m sorry but everything’s showing that this country is not ready for tourism. Even the montenegrine customs officer told us not to leave the car unattended. So we drove the 35km to Skadar and back, just to have a look. Took 3 hours and we had enough.

Unless of course you’re russian, have lots of money and/or are here for business, Montenegro is ok. The montenegrian coast on the other hand was once beautiful but has since been built chaotically with tall buildings against all forms of respect of the environment & coastline. Nowadays, it’s the russian riviera, full of siliconed blondes, Mercedes & Porsche cars everywhere, traffic jams…it’s just a mess. And if you’re croatian, well then you could even run into trouble just because of what you are…