Kathmandu was a big surprise as it is like the tip of the iceberg. All you see on the internet are the points of interest but what Kathmandu really is remains unclear before you actually get there.

First of all, it is very, veeeryy polluted with plastic bags and trash everywhere. There is no real trash collection and people are not educated to take of it. They just throw everything over their shoulder. The holy Bagmati river is a sewer that stinks so strongly that you nearly faint when you cross it going over a bridge. It’s unsustainable, no joke.

Then there is the noise and dust and toxic fumes from cars, bikes, buses and old diesel engines that are sending irritating air into your lungs. Get a mask if you want to survive (and a good one). There are almost no traffic regulations and it is a total mess when you walk there. To make things easier many roads are not paved and there is no pedestrian walkway.

Despite all this, you have to see the city and what it offers. There are things to see every 50m, good restaurants, fantastic places to go and the least I could say is that this city is full of contrasts to a unbelievable extent.