Istanbul & Cappadokia

Actually there are also a few pics from Ankara in here. In those days I had only a 3Mpix digital camera from Minolta but it was really ok for the time.

Istanbul is not what you think. Everything remembering that this was the eastern Roman Empire’s captital is gone. No old buildings, walls or whatsoever. You’re here for the people, the crazy traffic, the Galata district, the remarquable mosques and the Bosphorus who’s definitely worth a cruise. There are incredible villas along the water and they’re said to be very expensive.

Cappadokia is located at the heart of Turkey and this is the place whre persecuted Christians hid by carving out the local hills and went underground. What is left is an impressive area of caves & homes that are quite original. The landscapes are breathtaking. If you intend to visit Turkey for one thing, then this is it.