West Bank

The West Bank is not exactly what you see or hear on TV. It is safe, people are welcoming and as a matter of fact, the largest open air prison in the world. Successive conflicts had it that the Palestinians lost almost everything from the 50% they owned of Israël in 1948. Today, only Gaza is left alone as the West Bank is completely under israeli control. The jews have built colonies in every possible area and garrisoned the entire territory which is mostly desert. A few cities are managed by the palestinian authority but this is like a patchwork all over the area. Most impressive is the wall – or to be accurate – the walls isarelis are building around palestinian cities, cutting them off from their land and rendering further expansion impossible.

Palestinians are very welcoming and you don’t feel unsafe when walking in Ramallah or Bethleheem. Their economy is growing but everything is tied to Israël regarding supplies. Green Olive Tours helped us getting around, these guys are really nice and promoting reconciliation. Indeed, you quickly get back to reality when it comes to cross again into Israël. You end up like animals in cages, waiting for hours to be processed and let through. And no waiting lines for foreigners as Israël probably doesn’t want to take any risk on security or ease up visiting the West Bank.