Fireworks Paris July 14th 2014


Fireworks over Paris – July 14th

This time I had a good spot to cover the impressive fireworks that was shot in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of WW1. While lots of effects were rather low altitude, I managed to cover the spectacular pyrotechnical effects on the Eiffel tower itself. Quite impressing and the lighting and colours were splendid.

For the technical part, fireworks are quite hard to catch as it depends on time of exposure & f-stop compared to how much light will be produced during the exposure time. Since fireworks are anything but regular, you’ve to open/close the f-stop depending on what you see/expect to happen. Inevitably, some pics are nice but the core of the explosions are burned. Best is using a grey filter but I didn’t have one that evening on my 70-210mm lens.

Anyway, the result is ok so far so enjoy !