DMZ Southside

This is the other side of the infamous DMZ DeMilitarized Zone that is the only connection by land between North & South Korea.

After having seen the northern side only days earlier, I took a plane to Vladivostok, spent a few days there and came over to Seoul to visit the DMZ again the following morning of my arrival. If the korean & american spotters have a good eye, they must be amused seeing my face twice.

The welcoming here is less warm than on the other side. You’re commanded around by some US Army dickhead who plays seargeant and who threatens you every 3 min to take away your cam if you direct it in the wrong direction.

We were lucky this day as we had the incredible luck to see a entire north korean delegation entering the area which made the americans immediately manning up their positions. It’s also said that the south koreans choose their biggest and ugliest soldiers to stand guard there.

Was indeed funny to get again in that building in the middle. Only thing : the americans do not allow you to sit down at the table.