Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and Red Fort

Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and Red Fort



The heart of Delhi is Old Delhi. And the heart of Old Delhi is Chandni Chowk Market. A spot not to miss by any means.

Open 6 days a week this is an incredible place. You’ve never seen so many people cramping one small area. People are carrying goods of all kinds, streets are narrower than ever and full of shops and when you dig into these, you end up in a maze of even smaller walkways, aisles where more shops appear left and right. You can really get lost.

The traffic around it is crazy and completely jammed. And indeed, you end up moving again. People hire rikshas for 150m instead of walking. Weird. The Spice Market kills your lungs as there are spice particles in the air that attacks your respiratory system for real and you find yourself crying & coughing after 20min spent there.

Another experience is the big Sikh temple, a very welcoming place where you can wander around, attend the prayers and also visit the kitchen where free meals are prepared. Very impressive.

In a word, you cannot visit Delhi without going here.