Portrait is a very interesting discipline regarding Photography. You have as many styles as photographers in the world and the results might really differ completely from one gallery to another. On my side, I mostly take photographs of my direct entourage. It actually hard to get people in front of a lens as 9 persons out of 10 don’t like themselves on a picture. Indeed, once the first resistance has been overcome, subjects relax and start to become playful and it often ends up in nice sets of shots that even surprise their friends & family.

Film cameras produce very interesting portrait pics as the grain is really smooth and the size of the negative larger by far than the digital version. 6×6 vs. APS-C is definitely an advantage and the results with a 40 years old camera are awesome. I’ll keep filling this section up as I’m more & more into this so keep an eye on it.


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2 thoughts on “Portrait

    1. Good shots. Some portraits are more important than others because of the facial expressions of their interpreters as well as exposure and framing.
      I think your portrait returns a very different image of you, the selfie doesn’t match you. It’s not faithful to you.

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