Light & Firepainting at Fort du Haut Buc


  My recon trip to this spot led me a few days later to take some of my Light Painting group members there and to practice around with light & sparks 🙂 The fort isn’t that big actually but the place is clean and really nice regarding architecture, tunnels and […]

Urbex – Fort du Haut Buc


  Strange spot this abandoned fort near Versailles. Basically it’s a remnant of the 19th century ring of forts build around Paris, this spot was still used by special forces as a training ground until recent times. but now it is completely abandoned and stands empty in the middle of […]

La PC – Episode III, le retour…


Eh oui, voilà une balade de plus sur la PC qui conserve cette attraction magnétique. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais ce chemin de fer avec ses ponts d’un autre temps et sa partie encaissée dans le sud de Paris ne me lassent pas. La tranchée Montsouris est un des […]

The Petite Ceinture at Night


Last Sunday I decided to spend a few hours exploring the remainders of the Petite Ceinture in the 14th arr. of Paris and went to the parc Montsouris. From there you get a fantastic view over the Tranchée Montsouris, one of the nicest part of that railway track when it […]

La Piscine Molitor version 4****


La Piscine Molitor est un endroit assez atypique de par son historique et ce qui était un haut lieu populaire est devenu un refuge pour riches bourgeois en quête de tranquillité au bord de Paris. Datant de 1929, cette piscine municipale a périclité dans les 70 et est restée longtemps […]

Attempted Light Painting at Palais Royal


Well this time we weren’t lucky as we could spend only 45mn in the spot we chose that evening : The gardens of the Palais Royal. After that a guard showed up and led us out of the area as it is not allowed to use a tripod when around […]

Light Painting on a forgotten railway track

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The railway track ‘Petite Ceinture’ has a force of attraction like a magnet. At least for those who like things from the past – which is definitely my case. This little enclave – or scar – that goes all around Paris cutting through traffic & roads, is also full of […]

Another night underground


              I think I won’t become a ‘cataphile’ but I’m attracted by this parisian underground world and the concept of walking 25m below a world class city in a huge network of corridors. It’s actually not so easy to meet cataphile people but once […]

Catacombs under Paris


If in a life you get a chance to meet a ‘cataphile’ (a catacomb addict), ask him to take you down there. It’s definitely a unique experience walking in this underground network of tunnels & galleries. Better go with a map and an experienced guy as there’s no way you […]

A night in the Catacombs

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A quite mythic place – well a large one indeed – the parisian catacombs are anything but a easily accessible spot. First of all : It’s forbidden to go there. If you get caught, you’ll get fined 70€ and escorted to the exit. Then it is nothing for the fainthearted […]