Nako Village



Deep into the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, close to the chinese border is the Spiti Valley.

A mineral area, cold and windy and despite these hostile facts there are spots where people settled down, grow food and survive in a harsh nature. Nako village is one of these places and it is a 100% tibetan style place. Bhouddist symbols and architecture is everywhere and here you can sense the spirituality. The quietness is overwhelming. No Netflix, no internet, no cellphones, just simple existences amid goats and small fields. Wood is very precious here and used with caution as it is a very limited resource.

Walking through these silent streets has its effect on you. A ‘Tachidelek’ to people you encounter earns you smiles. Some people even speak a little bit of english and are very welcoming. We were allowed to cross a field to get a view on the valley from the ridge. Breathtaking.