Exclusion Zone of Tchernobyl

This was a long planned trip into the scary world of a nuclear disaster. Tchernobyl is a bad remembrance for most of us and Ukraine paid a high price for hosting the world’s worst nuclear accident site until Fukushima happened. Going there made me dive again into documentaries about what happened in 1986 and to see the area with my own eyes, sensing the remaining radiation with my detector, crossing hot spots, approaching – but not too close – the red forest which is still highly contaminated gave me some shivers despite being in good company. An empty city of 18.000 people, the silhouette of the reactor on the horizont with its brand new dome, the abandoned and rusting Duga antenna, all this will leave me a lasting memory of this scarred part of our planet…

More here : http://deanza7.com/cities/tchernobyl/

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