Lodz – first trip to Poland

Lodz – first trip to Poland

Trip to Lodz

This 48h business trip to Poland gave me the occasion to set foot for the first time in that country and to reach 35 countries visited so far. And I must admit : I liked it a lot.

Poland is the typical eastern european country where traditions are still there, roads and architecture are a mix between communism and 18th century and where everything is CHEAP. Food is simply delicious – I looove the smoked sausages you get everywhere there – and life seems pretty cool and quiet in this area.

Lodz (pron. : wooch) is a pretty large city and seems to become the economic heart of Poland. Lots of foreign companies have invested here and because of that the city is booming. While modern buildings seem to grow out of nowhere, the city center is really nice and preserved. It’s pops up somewhat unexpectedly across your path as the city is actually very large with broad avenues everywhere and the city center could actually be missed.

Anyway we had the luck to enjoy a walk in the city and discover its secrets and architecture. Some great moments there with very nice views on the historical part of the city that mixes modern art with old stones, modern architecture that blends into centuries of history.

A very enjoyable place and I’d be glad to go back there.


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