The abandoned sugar factory

The abandoned sugar factory

While we were on the way to explore the chalk stone quarry of St Leu, we stumbled over this run down building that looked very abandoned to us. We decided to have a peek inside and what we discovered had us jumping so exciting it was. An intact almost untagged industrial building that would be perfect with its huge hall to be used as a steelwool swirl test site.

After  shooting a few pics in broad daylight we went off to explore the mine but decided to come back later on…at night ! We shot only a few pics as we were pretty tired from walking 6 hours underground and our batteries almost depleted. But the place was so attractive that we shot 6 pictures before running out of steel wool.

One thing was an issue : the hundreds of pigeons up there in the roof 20 meters above us. They would flatter around scared by the lights and shower us with feather particles that looked unhealthy to me. A mask will be indispensable for next time. The guano covered floor would  leave a smell in the place that was strong but ok. All dry and none of us got shit on his head by the birds up there 😉


Enjoy the pics !

dsc01651 dsc01648 dsc01653

dsc01593 dsc01592 dsc01583 dsc01577 dsc01569 dsc01557 dsc01549 dsc01548 dsc01545 dsc01543 dsc01539

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