The lights of Caumont

The lights of Caumont

Another weekend, another cave 😉

Normandy has its share of caves and we had the luck to explore the massive volumes of this quarry where in the past centuries people would extract chalkstone and ship it to other places thanks to the presence of the nearby Seine river.

The size of this place is humongous and it’s so big you could actually fit a plane inside – a big one like an A320. Yup. It’s just huge. Of course such places appeal to be explored and that’s what we did before settling down for some light effects and fire painting. This time we used Elie’s knowledge to make best use of smoke and different light sources to produce light effects we never tried before. The results are stunning.

Enjoy the pics !

Caumont pano

DSC00961  DSC00981 DSC00967 DSC00965 DSC01024 DSC01016 DSC01014 DSC01010 DSC01003 DSC01002 DSC00998

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