Underground Lightpainting (again :-)

Underground Lightpainting (again :-)



I can’t help it, I love this place 🙂

A forgotten sandmine south of Paris where you can walk for hours in a complete white and silent world, a spot offering the finest and whitest sand I’ve ever seen. So with a bunch of Lightpainting fanatics, we went there again and did a shooting using all possible lighting techniques. One of our members was a patient model, standing and sitting whenever we asked her 🙂

The mine offers an incredible scenery with alternating low and high ceilings, rock formations resulting from the sea bottom this place was millions of years ago and remainders of the mining equipment. While the area is almost completely dry, your enemy is the fine sand that gets into your cameras’ bag and your shoes & clothes. But it is so beautiful and stunning that you focus on the work and accept a later on throrough cleaning of everything you brought in there.

Enjoy the pics !


2016-07-14_222045 2016-07-14_223403 2016-07-14_223334 2016-07-14_223317 2016-07-14_223229 2016-07-14_222954 2016-07-14_222916 2016-07-14_222841 2016-07-14_222757 2016-07-14_222552 2016-07-14_222334 2016-07-14_222142

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