Light Painting on a forgotten railway track

Light Painting on a forgotten railway track

The railway track ‘Petite Ceinture’ has a force of attraction like a magnet. At least for those who like things from the past – which is definitely my case.

This little enclave – or scar – that goes all around Paris cutting through traffic & roads, is also full of tunnels. One of it is close to the parc of the Buttes Chaumont and when you look for a spot to do some light painting…well you need darkness ! Given the length of the tunnel, I was assured that we has enough darkness to allow our creativity all the necessary room. Regarding the group itself, it was a first attempt to build up a group of active photographers, ready to do all kinds of topics, including LP of course but also Urbex etc.

So far I got the feeling that I hit a good set of pretty motivated people 🙂

Enjoy the pics !



2014-11-23_212000 2014-11-23_211940




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